What am I looking at…?

The green one a couple days ago broke my brain.

WIPjenni There is unrest in the forest.

There is unrest in the forest. Instagram version

Ask a simple question and get a War & Peace-esque twitter DM in response. (The simple answer is that I produced a series of artworks entitled #100daysofmoreofthesame.) But let’s make this interaction more interesting. Write up a gallery label for this puppy and impress us all with your observational skills, intuitive insights and descriptive prowess.


  • Nature
  • Destruction
  • Greed
  • Common household item that is proving itself far more durable than my constitution to see it several times a day, every day, for another five years because I was raised to not be wasteful and if an object is still fully functional it shouldn’t be replaced.

TAKE A GUESS! Post a caption, narration, explanation or low-brow insult on twitter with the hashtag #WhatIsIt and we’ll see just how observant and/or creative you are.

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Featured Artist – Debbi Thompson

Debbi Thompson has been producing art in the Pittsburgh area for years. Her talents range from fine art to face painting, with a liberal dose of mural art in the mix. Debbi has also created the first “Made for WIP” piece; available for purchase as arts prints, wearables, iPhone skins and more at Society6.

Please see “Artist Bio” below. Debbi is available for commissions and can be contacted via debbithompson2@gmail.com.

Artist Bio

In 1986 Debbi Thompson moved to Pittsburgh with her three daughters from rural Tyrone, PA to attend The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After her graduation they found they loved the city and decided to make it their home.

Debbi is a visual artist practicing several disciplines ranging from mural painting, to face painting, to creating art on ANY everyday object. She has been commissioned to paint toy boxes, garden statues, lampshades and tattoo designs. In Debbi’s vision, everything is a canvas!

Her main mediums are acrylic paints and Rapidograph pens. She has experimented with mixed media pieces, created many logos for local companies and done advertising print pieces.

Debbi has painted countless murals in the Pittsburgh area for homes and businesses along with several private commission paintings. She has exhibited paintings at Boxheart Gallery, Crazy Mocha in Bloomfield, and Art All Night.

Debbi is always searching for the next unique project to bring art to life!