About WIP Arts

The answer to your question is but a click/tap away! ;)

The Name: WIP is a common acronym for “Work In Progress“.

WIP Arts (.org) is a curated corner cupboard for the world-motivated, self-initiated creative pursuits (including rants and none-too-lofty ramblings) of WIPper #1, Jenni (me).

This would probably be a good place for an “Artist’s Statement” but to be honest, as much as I have always enjoyed a passionate, deeply caring, (sometimes sordid,) relationship with words, there are few things less futile than my trying to wrestle and cajole them into saying nice things about me in a publicly palatable way.

Suffice it to say, my ‘mission’ is to create/make/conjure things. Things that I sincerely hope express something of my own human self. And in my wildest dreams, things that have the power to affect someone else. If I encourage a furrowed brow, a twinkly eye, or a sly smirk, well, that counts for something.

Follow along with me on Twitter and check out my posts on Instagram, and please feel free to email with any questions or suggestions.

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