What am I looking at…?

The green one a couple days ago broke my brain.

WIPjenni There is unrest in the forest.

There is unrest in the forest. Instagram version

Ask a simple question and get a War & Peace-esque twitter DM in response. (The simple answer is that I produced a series of artworks entitled #100daysofmoreofthesame.) But let’s make this interaction more interesting. Write up a gallery label for this puppy and impress us all with your observational skills, intuitive insights and descriptive prowess.


  • Nature
  • Destruction
  • Greed
  • Common household item that is proving itself far more durable than my constitution to see it several times a day, every day, for another five years because I was raised to not be wasteful and if an object is still fully functional it shouldn’t be replaced.

TAKE A GUESS! Post a caption, narration, explanation or low-brow insult on twitter with the hashtag #WhatIsIt and we’ll see just how observant and/or creative you are.

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Great Comic Action Panels – Madison Hawthorne

Hello ALL WIP Readers.

This will be my first article as I gear up for Dragon-Con in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend. If you don’t know what Dragon-Con is, it is a convention for sci-fi fantasy, comics, manga, anime and all things that are awesome. I will be filling you in on the convention after I have attended. Because I will mostly be spending my time in the comics area of the convention I thought I would touch on what makes a good fight scene in comics. More specifically what I feel the artist needs to do make a good action scene. Take a look at some of my favorite action pages, below.

Pacing: When I see an action scene, to me there is nothing worse than a fight that is not paced well. Sometimes an artist crams so much action into the page that the scene is over before it starts. Or on the other hand the artist stretches every single movement out so that scene drags on and on. It is important the artist captures the important points of the fight and is able to convey the emotions in the fight. That is what is most important in pacing a fight scene.

Comic Action Panel 2
Movement: Because comics are done in pictures it is important that speed lines and other additions are added to each panel so the action is easy to follow.

Comic Action Panel 1
Background: Background is important because it brings clarity to the fight, if people are jumping around or moving in a scene then the background should adjust. Often the background does not vary enough, so it looks the entire fight takes place within 8 square feet.

Comic Action Panel 3
Those are the three things that I feel are most important when making a fight scene.

Madison Hawthorne is a comic enthusiast and writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. Madison’s comic “King of Sweden” is available at Amazon.com

WIP Arts in the Community

WANT IT? HAVE IT!WIP Arts had a great time helping the folks at local cafe Patti’s Pasticceria celebrate their 1st Anniversary this past Sunday. Area artists contributed original artwork for the mini WANT IT? HAVE IT! art giveaway. The paintings shown above were created and contributed by artists, Sheay Sczerba and Marcail Madorum.

The SeamsThe Seams: Max Holsinger, Erin Holsinger, Aaron Welch, Stephen Conley, Jake Szirmae & Sandor Szirmae kicked things off with a fun blend of Bluegrass/Dixie/Rock/Folk.

WIP Arts Kid's MuralWe unveiled the 1st WIP Arts Kid’s Mural, designed and created by the MASD 4th grade art students and their art teacher Nicole Given. Many thanks to Casey Donahoe of Little Bear Painting, Sandy Monier, Tony Kurta, Patti Fiasco Macey, Andrew Macey, Angela Ruccio & the folks at Home Depot N. Versailles for helping it happen.

Nick Fiasco at Patti'sNick Fiasco entertained old school with Sinatra & Martin covers and the staff at Patti’s helped close out the event.

We had a blast and are looking forward to more art & music events with Patti’s.