New WIP Writer – Rusty Lofgren!

Welcome the newest WIP contributor, Rusty!

Rusty Lofgren

Rusty Lofgren was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1973.  He graduated from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in 1995 with a double major in English and Biology.  After living in Washington, DC for ten years, he moved back to Pittsburgh in 2006 to focus on his photography, video work, and his writing.  Having circled the world in his travels, he is an old soul who wants nothing more out of life than to have good fun creating art, and to forever hear the music of the clear, cool streams and rivers of the world.

Rusty’s portfolio and contact information are available at LeafBranch Studios and his new book Penna Fly Fishing Seasons is available at

New WIP Writer – Madison Hawthorne!

Madison Hawthorne, King of Sweden; Last Bloodline

Madison Hawthorne, King of Sweden; Last Bloodline

Madison Hawthorne was born in 1985 and grew up in Pittsburgh, PA where he got his degree in business at Duquesne University. He grew up reading comics and appreciates the artwork involved in the process. He started writing his first Novel at the age 16 and has been writing ever since. He was awarded a chance for a Fellowship with the AWC Performing Arts Center in Pittsburgh because of his work on King of Sweden. Madison’s comic is published by DMP and is available in digital format on