What does WIP mean?

What is WIP?
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WIP, (W.I.P and plain old wip, too) is an acronym for Work In Progress. It’s most often used by artists and people in other creative work to designate that a piece – be it a painting, a snippet of computer code, a dress or a bookshelf (to name just a few things) – isn’t finished. Usually (but not always) when a WIP is presented, it’s at least completed enough so that the intended final result is obvious or can be perceived fairly easily.

Artists et al, publish WIPs for many reasons; sometimes because they’re impatient and want to share what they’re working on; sometimes to get feedback or direction if they’ve come to a trouble spot; sometimes to get encouragement to finish a piece, or to be let off the hook and told it’s not worth the time and effort to carry on.

There are as many reasons as there are works of creation, adaptation and invention.

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*Named so because progress always requires work, and in art (as in life) there is always something to be learned, something to be improved and something to strive for. :)