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Condescending Cat Reacts to Mental Health Rant on Facebook

Offending article*: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/suffer-the-children/201203/why-french-kids-dont-have-adhd

Boiling Facebook Sharer of Offending Article**: This is an absolute pile of garbage.

Condescending Cat: Bold statement. This is a good opportunity to explain why you think so. Oh, I must’ve missed it, what’s your doctorate in?

BFSoOA: Look, while ADHD is seen by the broader part of American society as just “kids been kids” and something often treated as a moral failing on the part of parents, children, and educators, that’s not what it is and you all can go fuck yourselves.

CC: If you are the only person who knows what it is, why haven’t you offered your sure-fire, fail-safe, one-size-fits-all solution to the world? And that kind of vulgar comment does nothing to validate your opinion.

BFSoOA: While our understanding of the human brain is constantly evolving, and while its true that the symptoms of adhd are confusing and make us question how our society works and blah blah blah.

CC: You were making headway until the “blah, blah, blah” negated any hope that you comprehend, well, anything that doesn’t support your rage.

BFSoOA: Guess what, none of that matters. We have to live inside the society we are given.

CC: You’re this close to a reasonable point, but the conclusion you draw from it is useless. P.S. We are not ‘given’ a society, we comprise it. Let that soak in for a minute.

BFSoOA: Should we force children, and adults, to struggle and suffer because you want to moralize an issue? Because if the French dont diagnosis the same way, we’re dealing with it incorrectly? Guess what, the US isn’t France. Most “healthy” American adults would have significant culture shock moving there.

CC: What does morality have to do with it? Smells like you’re being defensive about a personal issue that clouds your ability to see possible solutions to the broader problem. The fact that you’re arguing to medicate a condition regardless of whether it may be medically necessary, ‘because ’Merica’, proves the very reason it’s so important to look beyond the United States for effective, optional treatments.

BFSoOA: Quit comparing apples and oranges, and find the infrastructures inside our specific culture that work better than others..

CC: “Infrastructures”, nice word. So you’re saying that America’s “culture” is to throw a pill at every child who has difficulty with attention, with no regard for the consequences? That I agree with. FYI, psychotherapy, family counseling and other non-pharmaceutical treatments are practiced in the United States as well. They just require more personal accountability so you haven’t seen ads for them during day-time TV.

*The article shared specifically to rant about was published approximately 3.5 years before the     sharing/ranting.
**Breaks and red text introduced to BFSoOA’s rant for clarity; no other editing.

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