Alfonso Velez – Rusty Lofgren

Alfonso Velez – “Love” from LeafBranch Studios, LLC on Vimeo.



Alfonso Velez has been a musician all his life, has a clear voice and message that resonates, and writing abilities that prove he is a true wordsmith and poet. I’ve had the honest pleasure of knowing Alfonso since 2006, and the video above is an original number he performed way back in 2006 in my old apartment in Washington, DC. He knows music, and has taken his talents to another level. Check out his new rock band called AV on Facebook or Twitter. He is currently rocking out New York City with frequency and power. Alfonso does what he wants, plays what he wants, and sings about what he wants and what he feels on any particular day. I love him for that.

Alfonso Velez – “Stars and the Moon” from LeafBranch Studios, LLC on Vimeo.



Not much to say about this number performed by Alfonso Velez in 2010 other than the man being interviewed and performing this song has nothing but love for the world. We are alike in more ways than one, and though he’s Mexican and I’m a mixed European breed with no Mexican blood in me, sometimes I honestly think that we are related. He is a great friend, and I’m glad I bootlegged this song on a trip to DC in 2010.

Rusty Lofgren is a photographer, videographer and writer in Pittsburgh, PA. Rusty’s portfolio and contact information are available at LeafBranch Studios and his new book Penna Fly Fishing Seasons is available at

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