You Can Save Net Neutrality. Here’s How….

NOW is the time to Fight for Net Neutrality – Do NOT give up!

1) CALL the FCC 1-888-225-5322

2) CALL your lawmakers – Congress can stop the FCC! Go to

3) PROTEST at Verizon stores on Dec 7:

4) RETWEET, REBLOG & SHARE – Spread this info!

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CTA: Fight for Net Neutrality NOW!

UPDATE 11/18/2017:
Take action before it’s too late! If you don’t support the people who are trying to preserve the progress that the United States had made over the past decade, you are no better than those who are systematically trying to sell our freedoms to the highest bidder. Read what Fight for the Future has to say and please, act on your better impulses to keep America moving forward for all.


Breaking: the FCC is officially planning to vote to kill net neutrality on December 14th.
We’ve suspected this was the case, but now it’s confirmed: the FCC has scheduled a vote to gut net neutrality protections in less than a month.[1]
If they move ahead with their plan, it will hand giant cable and telephone companies unprecedented power to control what we see and do online.
The only thing that can stop the FCC now is if Congress steps in and forces them to slow down, and the only thing that will make that happen is if everyone contacts their lawmakers right now.
Without net neutrality, monopoly Internet Service Providers like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T will be able to:
• Censor and block websites, apps, and services for any reason without transparency or accountability
• Charge Internet users extra fees just to access sites or streaming services
• Demand payments from small businesses, video creators, musicians, and online services just to reach an audience
• Slow Internet speeds to a crawl on any platform that doesn’t pay up
The Internet as we know it will never be the same. Click here to contact your lawmakers right now and tell them to stop the FCC from killing net neutrality!
For the Internet,
-Evan at Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future works to protect your rights in the digital age.
[1] Bloomberg:

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McKeesport Art Group Spring Show 2016

McKeesport Art Group Spring Show 2016
The McKeesport Art Group is gearing up for its 58th Annual Art Show to be held at the Jacob Woll Pavilion on Sycamore Drive in Renziehausen Park. The event opens on Friday, May 13 from 5-9 pm with an awards ceremony at 7. The show continues Saturday, May 14; Noon-8 pm and Sunday, May 15; Noon-6 pm.

Artists interested in participating can find more information here:

This year’s event will also feature two “Pop In and Paint” sessions led by McKeesport Art Group members. More info can be found here:

MAG Art in the Park

MAG Art in the Park 2015The McKeesport Art Group is hosting a FREE community Art in the Park event on Saturday, October 10, 2015.

FREE classes include:
Crafting with Kids (8+) from 10-12
Intro to Colored Pencils (12+) from 10-12

Lunch Break from 12-1, $3 Hot dog, chips & drink, or $4 Kielbasa, chips & drink
Intro to Anime Cartooning (12+) from 1-3
Creative Finger Painting (16+) from 1-3

There will also be an Affordable Art Sale with original artworks being sold for $25 or less!

Register for classes or to sell your art by emailing Jan at jacat99ATaolDOTcom

Bring the entire family and explore your creativity by attending this free community event!

Patriotism Day Art in the Park


Patriotism Day Art in the Park 2014WIP Arts along with the McKeesport Art Group and the McKeesport Regional History & Heritage Center will be presenting an Art in the Park event on Sunday, September 7, 2014, from noon to 7 PM.

Art and craft vendors will be on hand to sell creative works and community organizations will be providing family-friendly arts and crafts activities. The Heritage Center Museum will be open and entertainment will be hosted at the Heritage Center.

Musical performances include Luis Castillo at 1 pm, MoneyPenny Band at 3 pm and TBA at 5 pm.

There will also be a Patriotism Parade through Renziehausen Park at 6 PM and a performance by the the River City Brass Band at the Lion’s Band Shell directly across from the Heritage Center at 7 pm.

Art & Craft Vendor Application – still only $20!: Patriotism Day Vendor App
Community Group Application – free for groups providing an activity: Patriotism Day Community App

Patriotism Day Art in the Park – Sunday, September 7, 2014. Noon to 7 PM – McKeesport Regional History & Heritage Center, 1832 Arboretum Drive, Renziehausen Park, McKeesport, PA 15132


WIP Arts at the MAG Show May 16th-18th

WIP Arts McKeesport Art Group Show 2014

WIP Arts will be participating in the 56th Annual McKeesport Art Group Spring Show May 16th through 18th, 2014 at Renziehausen Park in McKeesport, PA.

WIP will be hosting a display of Digital & New Media works  – no entry fees, no commissions –  artists’ demonstrations and musical performances. We’ll also be presenting the 3rd WIP Arts WANT IT? HAVE IT! free art giveaway!

Interested artists can contact WIP Arts via Facebook or email Submission deadline is May 14.

This event is free and open to the public. Festivities begin at 5 pm, May 16th with the opening reception. Hours are Friday, May 16th 5-9 pm, Saturday, May 17th Noon-8 pm and Sunday, May 18th Noon-6 pm.


Art and performances by John Roulic, Nikki Noll & Emmy Boczar, Charlie Reed, Trevor O’Brien, Rich Ermlick, Mango West, Anthony Horner, Jim Platts Rhythm Innovation, Dewey Gurall, Glass Kissin Creations by Beth Larosa, Nick Romeo, Charleigh Box, Abbie Cypher, Mose Berymon, Luis Enrique Castillo Jr., Ashcroft, the Ad-libbing Digital Poet, Paul Bowers, Lucas Hay, Effect of the Letter, Heather Kropf, Janice Catalogna and more!

The Little Book Fair, Bloomfield – Christine M. Soltis

Little Book Fair, Bloomfield

Little Book Fair, Bloomfield

Walking into any new event is certain to send butterflies bustling in your belly, especially for writers and comic artists who require the reclusive calm of creation during the inception of any work. Pittsburgh, PA certainly has its share of artistic events, many of which range from one extreme to another. Generally, it seems easier to find either individual author signings or large conventions dedicated to horror or sci-fi than anything in the middle. But sometimes, you can find a rare gem of an event such as The Little Book Fair, which consisted of that fine level of “in between.”

Bloomfield Community Center

Bloomfield Community Center

The four hour literary event was held on August 2, 2013 within the Bloomfield Community Center, which is a red brick building on North Pacific Avenue that appeared hidden, since its entryway faced a closed-off street. Outside the red brick venue, was the simultaneous celebration of the Unblurred Gallery Crawl. Here, outdoor tents and tables were sprawled across the road, full of additional local artists and food vendors. But once you left the Unblurred Gallery, stepping inside of the Bloomfield Community Center meant being transported to another world where books alone still reigned.

Little Book Fair 2013

Little Book Fair 2013

Inside the Little Book Fair, the setup offered a single room filled with 40+ vendors. Rectangular tables were situated in nearly a dozen rows with couches and tables also framing the wall space. Chap books, novels, comics, artistry and more were for sale as artists mingled with crowds and each other, given the ability to passionately discuss the hard work they spent countless hours, days and years of their life creating. The crowd was a rather decent size with people of all ages that moved in a stream-like manner, with many stopping to see the work at each table and even purchase items. Many visitors were excited about the event and simultaneously surprised because they had not heard of it beforehand. I would oftentimes comment that we need more events like this in Pittsburgh. As a writer, I am certainly one to insist that books are still very much alive and have not become extinct.

Little Book Fair 2013

Little Book Fair 2013

Juan Jose Fernandez, who set up the Little Book Fair also did so in a surprising manner. Most events require that table vendors pay a fee to sell their wares. The Little Book Fair did not do this, making it a very unique force in the area. On top of that, its four hour evening slot offered visitors the ability to stop by after work and kept vendors from spending a full work day worth of time in the same place. These characteristics caused the intrigue that brought me to cover the event. Many of the artists also seemed to know one another, creating a literary alliance that was fascinating to view. If you missed out on it, be sure to visit and Episode 8 to see some brief video footage of the event.

Christine Soltis at The Little Book Fair

Christine Soltis at The Little Book Fair

If you want to help ensure that books are not extinct or if you know of an artistic event that needs covered for WIP Arts, visit SolsticeNightSky Productions & Radio on Facebook and send a message.

WIP Arts in the Community

WANT IT? HAVE IT!WIP Arts had a great time helping the folks at local cafe Patti’s Pasticceria celebrate their 1st Anniversary this past Sunday. Area artists contributed original artwork for the mini WANT IT? HAVE IT! art giveaway. The paintings shown above were created and contributed by artists, Sheay Sczerba and Marcail Madorum.

The SeamsThe Seams: Max Holsinger, Erin Holsinger, Aaron Welch, Stephen Conley, Jake Szirmae & Sandor Szirmae kicked things off with a fun blend of Bluegrass/Dixie/Rock/Folk.

WIP Arts Kid's MuralWe unveiled the 1st WIP Arts Kid’s Mural, designed and created by the MASD 4th grade art students and their art teacher Nicole Given. Many thanks to Casey Donahoe of Little Bear Painting, Sandy Monier, Tony Kurta, Patti Fiasco Macey, Andrew Macey, Angela Ruccio & the folks at Home Depot N. Versailles for helping it happen.

Nick Fiasco at Patti'sNick Fiasco entertained old school with Sinatra & Martin covers and the staff at Patti’s helped close out the event.

We had a blast and are looking forward to more art & music events with Patti’s.

Artist and Craftsman Supply

Artist and Craftsman Supply, Pittsburgh

Thank you Artist and Craftsman Supply for sponsoring the Print Your Own Poster session for WIP Arts at the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival! You guys rock!

Be sure to stop by the WIP booth on Saturday, July 7th to watch and participate as poster designer/artist extraordinaire Brad Towell of MODESTo! demonstrates the art and craft of screenprinting. Hang out, ask questions and get your squeegee on.

Artist and Craftsman Supply is open seven days a week at 5603 Hobart St., Pittsburgh, PA 15217. And they really do rock.

WIP Arts at the Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival

WIP Arts at the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival

WIP Arts is very pleased to be part of the 38th annual Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival. This four-day, outdoor event features a broad assortment of arts, entertainment and activities. From traditional crafts and the “Heritage Trail” to contemporary fine art and musical performances, all set in the beautiful surroundings of  Twin Lakes Park. There are children’s activities, an amazing variety of foods and an artist market full of wonderful creations. It sounds cliché, but it really is a lovely way to spend some time.

The WIP Arts booth will be featuring local and international artists with a ‘wheatpaste’ display of  2-dimensional materials, and we are very proud to be presenting live art demonstrations and performances throughout the event – screenprinters, bellydancers, graffiti artists and more. We will be sharing details as soon as they are confirmed.

If you’re a local artist who is interested in demonstrating your art, or if you would like to have some work displayed, check out the WIP Facebook page and drop us an email, we’d love to hear from you!

WAHF runs from Thursday, July 5 through Sunday, July 8; 11 am – 8 pm