Falling with 45 OR: How the Actions of the Few Can Destroy the Many

Believe it or not, I’d been struggling with how to write this. Yes, I’ve been taking pains to decide on the best way to write a blog post that will probably be seen by no-one but me. (Unless of course, my friendly white-hat hacker comes back to see if I heeded the warning.) [I never did decide. I wrote it anyway.]

Fall with 45, The Trump Menace aka If the Shoe Fits...

Fall with 45, The Trump Menace aka If the Shoe Fits…
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For more than a year now, I’ve been shouting my own warnings from the metaphorical rooftops to anyone who would listen, and more to the point, to those who refused to listen. I am surely not the only person who could see with nauseating clarity exactly how Trumpocalypse would unfold, and I am definitely not the only one who dedicated hour upon hour, week upon week, month upon month in trying every tactic imaginable to persuade all those within earshot to at least consider the obvious conclusion to the course of events.

I am starting to think, however, that I may be one of a mere handful of folks who are fundamentally unable to grasp the idea that there are so many people joyously willing to harm others for their own petty gains; willing to sink the ship as long as they’re sitting at the captain’s table when they go down with it.

A mentally unstable, paranoid, narcissist who has lived their entire life hidden from REALITY by the riches accumulated by SOMEONE ELSE (that’s important because never having to earn anything feeds the fantasy that “having” equals “deserving”,) is utterly and absolutely INCAPABLE of comprehending what the day-to-day existence of almost everyone else in the United States is like.

Add to that base a crew of self-serving societal sycophants who are more than happy to stoke the fire of Trump’s compulsive superiority complex to achieve positions of grandeur for themselves, and the result is the annihilation of nearly everything that does not directly and substantially benefit the select few who now set the rules. It’s that simple.

Enough childishly, gullible people were so overwhelmed by their own egotism, they deluded themselves into believing a vote for Trump granted them admission into an exclusive club – the club of billionaires who, with barely an exception, gorge on personal advancement by manipulating, overspending and crushing anyone who isn’t them. Everything the United States stands for is being slaughtered and consumed in the name of greed.

Funny thing about “greed”, it’s singularly intimate. It’s “MINE!”, not yours.

The Republican Senators bow down in servile submission for the imagined glory of doing the ‘opposite’ of what was; no mind toward whether it’s better, or even as good, as long as they get paid. “Opposite” is satisfying enough while they roll around in their own arrogance to mask the scent of immorality.

The Democratic Senators cower behind their snide commentary (it’s better to look momentarily clever than perpetually ineffective) and pat themselves on the back for having the ‘courage’ to talk the talk when their knees buckle with fear and they can’t walk the walk. Talking is responsibility enough as long as they get paid.

Trump, The Juggernaut of Gibberish is growing fat on the flattery offered by his subordinates. Their co-dependency on his position ensures they provide a steady supply of reassurance for his delusional diet – that’s the only way they get paid.

It’s an unrighteous and abhorrent nightmare of truly epic proportions.

I witnessed the train being built.
I heard it leave the station.
I smell the fuel burning.
I see the bridge is out.
The brakeman’s hands are busy clutching his vanity.

Millions are already suffering with millions more soon to join them. Millions of people will lose their lives as a direct result of the self-entitled, self-absorbed few.

What have you done?

Resistance is Fertile

I have never been particularly ‘patriotic’ in the “Merica’s Better’n Everything!” way – I’m too objective and attentive to detail for that kind of superficial flag-waving, but as is true with most things, seeing it slip away is not only showing me how much there was to be proud of, it’s heartbreaking.

As John Oliver said about the potential for being deported as a green card-carrying, permanent US resident, British citizen, it’s no longer a zero percentage chance, and that’s scary. At this point in time, nothing is a zero % in the US. Quite literally every single aspect of the “American way of life” is in peril. From the actual Constitution to the way other nations view ‘friendly Americans’ to how anxious people are whenever there’s “breaking news”. We simply cannot allow one administration to destroy what has always been a unique and valuable contribution to the world.

The US has many, many flaws, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our government work towards improving it, not systematically tearing it apart to suit personal agendas that are not only questionable from a moral point of view, but also break apart the constitutional foundations this nation has built upon for hundreds of years.

Please focus your attention and energy into influencing the people who can put a stop to this insane downward spiral. It is a bizarre and nightmarish situation we are in when a group of people who were elected to serve us and act on behalf of our needs, is blatantly disregarding the majority of the American people and their own rationale to continually support actions that put the entire nation in danger.

Everything; security, economy, even the physical well-being of citizens is being ignored in some sort of ridiculous display of personal power. I can’t even begin to imagine what the motivation is, but I do know that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. It is absolutely essential that we each demand our elected officials perform the duties they have sworn to. It is our country, not theirs.

Each day that passes our democracy crumbles. We simply can’t allow it to continue. We need to train our attention to the Senate and we must do everything we can to show them that ‘we the people’ are stronger than any political party or elected representative no matter how high their office.

We the people need to use our power.

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The Unfathomable Ego of a Tiny-Town Trump – HACKER EDITION!

UPDATE! This post was replaced on February 3, 2017 with this: “Hacked By Not Matter who am i ~ i am white Hat Hacker please update your wordpress”. So I say, “Thank you, generic hacker, for hacking my back!” (See what I did there?)

Facebook is kind of like that saying about drunk people showing ‘who they really are’, except there are (presumably) no impairments to hide behind the next day.

Ponder this brief exchange and then take a moment to reflect on how it might be more genuine to focus on the guests of honor than the event planner.
American Band image by ArtsyBee at Pixabay

Patriotism Parade Post Shared by Thoughtful Local News Lady:
The City of [Tiny-Town] invites you and your family to join in a very special community event to celebrate America and the good ol’ Red, White and Blue! This event is scheduled for Sunday,…
WWW.[Link to Event Site].COM


I’m quite patriotic, (and I know my previous efforts have been in vain), but I would still love to see [Tiny-Town] host at least a few events for all the area residents who enjoy things other than flag waving, country music and cover bands.
Like · Reply · September 6 at 2:05pm


Thoughtful Local News Lady:
What kind of events did you have in mind?
Like · Reply · September 6 at 2:11pm


They don’t even have to be specific events, just including different types of music would be a great start.
Like · Reply · September 6 at 2:29pm


Thoughtful Local News Lady:
It’s too bad there aren’t more weeks in the summer. I think we’re all used to seeing the same bands every year, there’s a feeling of disappointment if one of them isn’t included. But yet at the same time, we would like to see something different. Maybe a Friday or Saturday concert once a month in addition to Sundays would be good.
Unlike · Reply · 2 · September 6 at 2:54pm


Yep,mix it up, just like friends “make new friends but keep the old, for one is silver, the other gold”. :)
Like · Reply · 1 · September 6 at 3:02pm


Tiny-Town Resident:
They do have different types of music all summer long.
Like · Reply · 1 · September 6 at 6:39pm


They do have *some* variety, [Tiny-Town Resident], but it’s all pretty mainstream – which is good, but I’d like to see more alternative, rock, hip hop, garage, dance/electronica, and highest on my list would be getting some of the very local, original bands, particularly some of the ‘high school’ bands.
Like · Reply · September 7 at 11:33am


Tiny-Town Trump:
Take a knee somewhere else Colin Kaepernick. This is a Patriotism Day Event. This isn’t the time to talk about ANYTHING ELSE BUT flag waving with our choice of a Country Band doing cover music. I’m sure that we can’t make EVERYONE happy, but if you want alternative music venues…THIS is NOT the time or the audience. Maybe you didn’t try to be so insulting? But, just because you say you tried in vain to bring “other music” to McKeesport shouldn’t diminish the hard work and sacrifice from the volunteers there every week and the large crowds of appreciative people.
Like · Reply · 5 · 15 hrs


Tiny-Town Resident #2:
Well said Daniel Carr
Like · Reply · 12 hrs


Sheesh Dan, how long have you been itching to use that Kaepernick line, or have you been using it everywhere you can squeeze it in? lol I said the Patriotism Day thing was good, but it would be nice to have other kinds of music involved, and that I’ve suggested it before – I think your exact words were “Well, we don’t want to attract the wrong crowd” – and the subject was dropped, that’s it – nothing mean or dismissive. But I will give you credit for being really good at spin – taking someone’s polite and valid comment and turning it into a self-congratulatory, praise-fest that plays on the emotions and ‘patriotic sensibilities’ of what you personally consider the ‘right kind’ of Americans, is a talent. Although, you did forget to mention God, but I guess you have a lot on your mind this weekend. Just one more thing…. when a person gets aggressively defensive because they imagined an insult, it usually means they have a guilty conscience or feel threatened – you may want to tone down the attack next time, for appearance’s sake. Have a great event! :)
Like · Reply · 38 mins


Tiny-Town Trump:
I’m sorry. I do feel threatened when someone uses “flag waving” or “God”’s name in vain. It was not an attack. Just don’t like someone using our platform to promote another. Not that yours is bad, as in music. I am a non judgemental person…just struck a nerve. But, thanks for the compliment! All good.*
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 9 mins


Thoughtful Local News Lady:
Reminder that this is this Sunday.
Unlike · Reply · 2 · September 7 at 4:46pm


Thoughtful Local News Lady:
This Sunday, September 11.
Unlike · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 11:12am


*For a moment I thought my witty sarcasm-er was broken, but it turned out it just isn’t powerful enough to break through delusional narcissism. I’ll have to do some studying and then a tune-up.

To finish up on a serious note…. I am patriotic and I fully support every man, woman and child who has made sacrifices for the just and noble causes of freedom, protection, and to help their fellow humans – military and civilian.

I humbly suggest that in addition to remembrance of the horrific events of September 11, 2001, known in the US as “Patriot Day”, you devote some time and effort into the practicality of supporting your local emergency personnel with a monetary contribution to help them have the equipment and training they need to make their work safer and easier.

And spend some time making sure that everyone you appreciate knows that you do. :)

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