Resistance is Fertile

I have never been particularly ‘patriotic’ in the “Merica’s Better’n Everything!” way – I’m too objective and attentive to detail for that kind of superficial flag-waving, but as is true with most things, seeing it slip away is not only showing me how much there was to be proud of, it’s heartbreaking.

As John Oliver said about the potential for being deported as a green card-carrying, permanent US resident, British citizen, it’s no longer a zero percentage chance, and that’s scary. At this point in time, nothing is a zero % in the US. Quite literally every single aspect of the “American way of life” is in peril. From the actual Constitution to the way other nations view ‘friendly Americans’ to how anxious people are whenever there’s “breaking news”. We simply cannot allow one administration to destroy what has always been a unique and valuable contribution to the world.

The US has many, many flaws, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our government work towards improving it, not systematically tearing it apart to suit personal agendas that are not only questionable from a moral point of view, but also break apart the constitutional foundations this nation has built upon for hundreds of years.

Please focus your attention and energy into influencing the people who can put a stop to this insane downward spiral. It is a bizarre and nightmarish situation we are in when a group of people who were elected to serve us and act on behalf of our needs, is blatantly disregarding the majority of the American people and their own rationale to continually support actions that put the entire nation in danger.

Everything; security, economy, even the physical well-being of citizens is being ignored in some sort of ridiculous display of personal power. I can’t even begin to imagine what the motivation is, but I do know that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. It is absolutely essential that we each demand our elected officials perform the duties they have sworn to. It is our country, not theirs.

Each day that passes our democracy crumbles. We simply can’t allow it to continue. We need to train our attention to the Senate and we must do everything we can to show them that ‘we the people’ are stronger than any political party or elected representative no matter how high their office.

We the people need to use our power.

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