60 Fat Beeves – More Pet Peeves than Can Fit in a Zoo

Ya ever find yourself in one of those spells where no matter what you’re doing or what crosses your path, it always comes back to the exact same thing? Frustrating, no? Frustrating, yes!

In my latest commercial production, I felt it was time to address a few of the repeat offenders. Unfortunately, it turns out that I came up with far more than 60. Kind of surprising considering that I was trying to streamline down to the particular items that pop up with an almost prescribed regularity, not just any old annoyance.

Not wanting to spend the next three weeks duplicating and tagging cartoon cows, I settled on one recurring concept that grinds my gears (on different cogs) just about every day. The message is subtle, but no less valid because it’s presented on an orderly field of barnyard bovines. Moo!

So, with out further ado.. ladies, gentlemen and others, I present Sixty Fat Beeves.

Sixty Fat Beeves by WIPjenni on REDBUBBLE

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